Officer forgets police dog in car, dog dies of heat stroke. Officer loses some vacation time.

From FOX 8

MONTVILLE TWP. Ohio- Montville police say its K9 officer, Beny, died from injuries consistent with heat stroke, while in the back of a police vehicle in the parking lot of the police department on Sept. 28.

According to Montville police, Sgt. Brett Harrison arrived at the station at 10:54 a.m. and began working on paperwork. At 3:13 p.m., Harrison returned to the cruiser and discovered the dog lying lifeless in the rear passenger compartment’s kennel.

Police say Harrison didn’t leave the windows open and the cruiser was turned off; the temperature at the time Harrison arrived at the station was 69 degrees and it was 79 degrees when the dog was discovered.

Sgt. Harrison was found to have violated policy and procedures. He received a two-week unpaid suspension and a loss of 40 hours of vacation.



I don’t know where to go on this one. I obviously feel horrible for the officer involved but I can’t help being angry at him either. You always hear stories of people locking their babies in the car and forgetting about them but rarely do you hear stories of someone forgetting about a dog. If we’re being completely transparent and honest I can ALMOST see how you could forget a little, quiet, sleeping baby. But an 80 lb. barking, tail wagging, slobbering, whimpering German Shepard? Get the fuck out of here. An 80 lb. barking dog is not the same as a 15 lb. sleeping baby, I’m sorry. You mean to tell me not one person heard any noise that resembled a bark or a whimper coming from the car?  Ignorance is no excuse here.

And oh, thanks Montville. You took away 40 hours of vacation time. Way to lay down the hammer on that one. Sets a great example  for the other cops on the force.

“Oh hey, if you make a colossal, ignorant mistake and your partner dies, we’re gonna have to take away a few of your precious vacation days. Sorry but you’ll have to cancel that trip to Puerto Vallarta. I’m sure your dead partner would agree with us and think that’s a fair punishment.” Honestly I’m more mad at the Montville PD for that bogus “discipline.” What a fucking joke.

Aside from all that bullshit RIP to Beny, he looked like a beautiful pup. Hope you’re up there chasing squirrels and chewing and eating everything you can get your paws on.

K9 officer, Beny (Photo from Montville Police Dept.)

This story sucks and I really did not enjoy writing about it.

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