2 kangaroos fighting isn’t the video you wanted, it’s the one you needed

The music to this fight sucks so mute the kangaroo video and press play on the video below to hear some crunk

Never have I seen such a mean spirited fight with this amount of vitriol since Tyson-Holyfield circa 1997. Standing upright on their hind legs, this honestly just looks like 2 drunk guys fighting on the deck at Shooters. Like if it was dark enough and I was drunk enough I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between these two fighting Joeys or 2 guys named Joe wearing Affliction t-shirts swinging on each other. Incredible.  Talk about “Thunder From Down Under” (talk to me Rovell). I don’t know how these kangaroos withstood all those turbo kicks and not once did one of them get fully knocked to the ground. I love how they use their tail to balance when they kick too, it’s almost like they have a third leg a la Greg Oden.

If you think we only do sports here at Bottlegate, you’re nuts. If we see a video of 2 kangaroos fighting we’re posting it 100 out of 100 times.

Down goes Frasier!! Down goes Frasier!!

PS- I know this may be a few days old but if you can’t appreciate a video of 2 kangaroos fighting set to Lil Jon then I imagine you don’t have many friends.

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