A horse escaped from Northfield Park and galloped down the street like a god damn maniac

From Cleveland.com

NORTHFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio — Police agencies from two cities wrangled a loose horse from city streets in Northfield Village and Macedonia on Sunday.

The horse was seen running down Northfield Road (Ohio 8) around 3 p.m. Sunday with police in tow, after escaping from Northfield Park during a training session. The video was captured on camera by Carl Nemec and sent to Fox 8 News.



Look at Seabiscuit go! If I’m at Northfield Park this week I’m putting my whole weekly paycheck on this horse right here. Just no regard for race track rules and marches to the beat of his own drum. Sign this motherfucker up for the Kentucky Derby STAT. Runs so damn fast he breaks out of his shackles and gallops down the mean streets of Northfield and into Macedonia. Probably on his way to grab a beer or two at the Winking Lizard on Route 82.

PS- Kinda sucks that this horse will probably be turned into glue for misbehaving

PPS- This is exactly how I imagine Kyle Shanahan looked when he left the Browns

PPPS- This happened about 2 minutes away from Bottlegate HQ (aka my house) and I’m devastated I wasn’t there to see it

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