There’s a psychopath running around Akron who’s pooped on 19 cars for fun

Well. That’ll get ya jacked up. Right when you think you can’t see any more outrageous stuff this world has to offer, you get a load of this guy’s loads. Gotta say though, I’m pretty impressed with his dedication and resourcefulness. 19 automobile dumps. In other words a normal morning for Brady Hoke.

When I saw that tweet I thought for sure it was an Akron U. student. I’ve been to Sumner Fest, I’ve seen some things, man. I’ve seen some things. I don’t know, maybe someone had some bad leftover Swensons?

I was SHOCKED to find out this is a middle aged man doing the shitting. We can all relate though, sometimes you just can’t hold it and the nearest car doubles up as the nearest toilet. C’mon. It’s human nature. Everybody does it. Nothing but respect and admiration for this pooping maverick.

This face right here-


Is the “Oh shit I’ve just been caught taking a shit” face




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