Kevin Love & Eric Decker made a trick shot video. Whoa. Is it hot in here?

Hey Dude Perfect, ya’ll can suck it. This video was for Buffalo Jeans and was actually way more impressive than I thought it would be when I clicked on the YouTube link. That over the shoulder selfie shot? 10.

Kevin Love and Eric Decker have to make up 2 spots in the Top 10 best looking athletes in sports, right? Put them together and I’m buying anything they’re selling. Buffalo Jeans? Never heard of them but I just bought 10 pairs. Weekend here I come.

One question: Have these 2 submitted a 15 second video to take Lisa Ann to the Final Four yet? I’m sure they’d win easily. And don’t lie… That’s a video you know you’d watch.


Eric Decker and his wife may be the hottest couple on the planet



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