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Here Are 38 Pictures Of NY Jets Wide Receiver Eric Decker’s Wife Jesse James Decker

Ah. Finally. Regular season football is back this weekend as the Browns travel to play the New York Jets on Sunday. Y’all know the drill, for every Browns game we try and profile a good looking gal who has ties to the opposing team. This week it’s WR Eric Decker’s wife Jesse James Decker. Dime city.



Kevin Love & Eric Decker made a trick shot video. Whoa. Is it hot in here?

Hey Dude Perfect, ya’ll can suck it. This video was for Buffalo Jeans and was actually way more impressive than I thought it would be when I clicked on the YouTube link. That over the shoulder selfie shot? 10.

Kevin Love and Eric Decker have to make up 2 spots in the Top 10 best looking athletes in sports, right? Put them together and I’m buying anything they’re selling. Buffalo Jeans? Never heard of them but I just bought 10 pairs. Weekend here I come.

One question: Have these 2 submitted a 15 second video to take Lisa Ann to the Final Four yet? I’m sure they’d win easily. And don’t lie… That’s a video you know you’d watch.


Eric Decker and his wife may be the hottest couple on the planet