Chuck Booms is out at 92.3 The Fan. This sucks.

Via Cleveland Scene

It wasn’t long before the Twitter rumors were confirmed by a source to Scene this morning.

Chuck Booms, who did his show on 92.3 The Fan this morning, was indeed fired by the station.

That’s all we got for now. When we hear more, we’ll update here. We reached out to Booms and 92.3 management but haven’t received a response yet.

This is a sad day for Cleveland sports radio. I know a lot of people in town don’t like Booms but I always got a kick out of him. Sure sometimes he’d make me want to slam my head against the wall or force me to change the station every now and then. But he always kept things interesting. He wasn’t one of the boring cookie cutter radio hosts like Mike & Mike or Baskin & Phelps. He told you what was on his mind no matter if it was politically correct or not. You have to respect that. He was a Clevelander through and through and you could feel that in his voice every morning from 6-10.

Exhibit A: His recent interview with Dan Shaughnessy

Today was a big loss for the anti-PC crowd.

Goodnight, Sweet Prince.


Update: Here’s what Booms had to say

6 thoughts on “Chuck Booms is out at 92.3 The Fan. This sucks.”

  1. 92.3 the fan just made a horrible mistake! Chuck was one of the only guys who made it interesting! I like Kiley and Carmen but it will never be the same! 92.3 just lost a listener! ūüĎŅ


  2. I feel the same way I did when Dean and Jerry split. You need a straight guy and a comic with a squeaky voice to be entertaining. Will never listen to the station again. What are they stupid!


    1. What the F I hated BOOMS.but he was the reason I listened every day.Bring him back and fire the a hole who fired him.MIke from Berea.


  3. No loss at all. Not funny, zero talent. Won’t be missed. Ratings dropped from 3.8 share to 2.4. Bu bye Chuck.


  4. The only reason I started listening to 92.3. An unabashed Cleveland FAN, funny and a great counter to Kylie. He often said with passion what I was feeling. Now we have a non-Clevelander and who knows. As of now, a VERY BORING show that does not add one thing to the sports blather heard everywhere, including the national shows. Will take off the car radio pre-set and will miss my morning pick-me-up.


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