FREEEEEDOM! Semi truck tips over in Dayton and 2,200 brave pigs escape

Via Dayton Daily News

A semitrailer has tipped and crashed on U.S. 35 West near Xenia and the resulting accident has loosed several feeder pigs that were being hauled.

We’re hearing that two people in the vehicle are OK. We’ve also learned that police and others at the scene are trying to round up the piggies to take them to the Greene County Fairgrounds. There were an estimated 2,200 feeder pigs on board and there is lots of carnage at the scene.


For one chance. JUST ONE CHANCE

These pigs have it. That internal instinct to not let any moment be bigger than they are. To take advantage of each and every opportunity laid out in front of them. The innate ability to handle every curveball life throws at them. Undoubtedly on the way to the slaughterhouse (maybe? I’m not well versed in feeder pig culture) these pigs stared fear in the eye, spit in fear’s eye, and they lived. They got out. They survived. There’s something to be said about a pig that can overcome and adapt in even the harshest conditions. A true warrior pig, if you will.

You just gotta keep livin, man. L-I-V-I-N.




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