Would Trevor Bauer rather live with Nick Swisher for a week or shave Terry Francona’s back?

Trevor Bauer on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk

Some highlights:

  • The ball from his first major league hit in Chicago is being held ransom. Weird.
  • “I hate it. I’ve always hated it. I want nothing to do with it.”
  • The drone he built, which includes:
    • Dihedron arms
    • Vibration isolation
    • Damping
  • His childhood obsession with the show BattleBots. Also weird.
  • jose-ramirez-ball
  • And, of course, if he would rather live with Nick Swisher for a week or shave Tito’s back.

Been a fun week for Bauer. 7 shutout innings in Wrigley, his first MLB hit and an appearance on MLB Network. I guess that’s what happens when you’re tied for 4th in the league in wins, 7th in strikeouts and 10th in WAR.





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