(VIDEO) Bruce Drennan says David Blatt is resigning. A minute later David Blatt says he’s staying. OOPS!!

The statement.

David Blatt’s response a few minutes later

(nice picture quality, STO. Didn’t know people used Periscope during press conferences on TV)

Brutal. Just brutal. Within 2 minutes of your “source” confirming that David Blatt will resign and you telling your viewers this info on live TV, David Blatt comes out and says in his press conference that he isn’t in fact leaving. Blatt even answered that question with sort of a “Are you kidding me? Absolutely. Why would you even ask that question?” kind of tone.

Just another reason to not trust anything you read or hear when it’s accompanied by the word “sources.” Not that I’m sure many people thought of Drennan as “credible” but I have to think this didn’t do him any favors in the eyes of many Clevelanders.

Thankfully Twitter and the Internet exist because this would have been lost otherwise. Everyone would have just forgotten about it. If this was a writer or someone who works in print he would have been ripped to shreds. Since it’s a TV/Radio guy, there’s no record of it… until now. Sucks for Bruce that we exist.

Also. What do you think Bruce was doing off-air while the press conference was airing? I’m putting the OVER/UNDER on the number of times he screamed “MOTHERFUCKER” at 25.

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