This guy driving down Interstate 271 with no car roof in a monsoon doesn’t give a f*ck

Steel. Balls of steel.

This is the man. This is the man I hope to be when I grow up. Not a care in the world. Just joyriding in his old fashioned (I think?) car, huge raindrops pelting him right in his grill… and he doesn’t flinch. What a badass. Guarantee this guy went home and worked on his sweet ride, chopped a few trees down, made his own beef jerky (s/o Dale Doback), and just did manly things until bed and then woke up the next morning and did them all over again.

Someone get this dude a beer STAT.

PS- My roommate took this video a few days ago but since his Instagram profile is private I had to save it and upload it here. I guess what I’m trying to say is that making your Twitter/Instagram account private is dumb.

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