His favorite Seinfeld Episode, Wrestler, and Space Jam plans; A Recap of LeBron’s Q&A on Twitter

LeBron held a Twitter Q&A last night for roughly an hour and there were some gems. We learned Bron’s favorite movies, professional wrestlers, and we even got to see him posterize some poor troll.

Here are the highlights:



Basically if you were in this picture, you’re LeBron’s best friend.



DO NOT tell the national media that LeBron said Kevin Love is one of his favorite teammates. That’ll screw up all their narratives for this upcoming season. (kind of surprised he didn’t say Mike Miller or James Jones though)



Same, LeBron. Same.



And that, my friends, is what we in the biz like to refer to as getting “pwned.” Dust yourself off, Kyle Pronick, you’ll get ’em next time.



I laughed that he included his movie in there. Whatevs.



All great choices. I’m a Sting guy myself. I can’t help but think his answer would have been different a week ago (Hulk Hogan)



Need to know what LeBron thinks of the Meek Mill/Drake pillow fight feud.



***Looney Tunes. Just make the damn movie already.



The Frogger, The Contest, The Heart Attack, The Puffy Shirt, The Soup Nazi, The Chinese Restaurant… but the best episode of Seinfeld is The Marine Biologist and if you disagree you’re out of your damn mind.



Someone needs to teach Bron about the term “leverage.” Tristan has none anymore.



I see LeBron is continuing his Trainwreck ways and making his buddies pay for lunch.

The guy even changed his Twitter avatar to his exchange with LeBron (I would have done the exact same thing)



1. Teleport  2. Invisible  3. Mind reading  4. Fly




A real man of the people that LeBron James is.


Kind of bummed that he never got around to answer our question. Probably was too busy on the site that he didn’t check his mentions and see our tweet. Yeah. That’s it.


PS- Jordan never held a Twitter Q&A.

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