Trevor Bauer let loose on Twitter after the loss last night and I don’t blame him

You just knew it was coming. Trevor Bauer was spinning his best game of the second half and one of the best of his career (ended up being his first career complete game) and the one run we had accidentally scored was thanks to a Sally Perez throwing error. When that game was tied heading in to the last three innings you had to know we had absolutely no chance of winning.

Eric Hosmer knew it too.

So that was that. One run on eight hits = our eighth straight loss at home, longest losing streak in Cleveland since The Godfather Part II won Best Picture in 1975. But it turns out the fireworks would come from the Twittersphere, not the post game presser.


Before last night, Bauer had thrown 12.2 innings against the Royals and hit zero batters.




This was in reference to Bauer wearing boxing gloves in the dugout because the Royals had gotten into like sixteen bench clearing brawls leading up to their series in Cleveland at the end of April:



Bauer will earn $1.94 million dollars this year. According to his LinkedIn page, Matt Shelp is a Billing Assistant in the KC area. says the average salary for a Billing Assistant in the US is $31,000.


Before last night, Hosmer had two hits in ten career ABs against Bauer.



@KayNel76 has never thrown a complete game in a Major League Baseball game.


Kendrys Morales was hit with a pitch last night in a 1-1 game with two outs in the 7th inning.


@brodyburs once tweeted this:

and @CoryfromKC actually seems like an OK dude.


ConJueto&ZenBobrist and Mehke Settle drink spritzers and talk about how they would have went pro if one didn’t hurt his arm and if their coach didn’t have it out for the other.




Agree 100%. Can you imagine having a long day at at the office where you work your ass off and none of your coworkers do anything at all, then come home to someone sitting on your couch mercilessly berating you about how much you suck?

Yes I know he’s a professional athlete but he’s also human. I enjoyed seeing a little fire in Kipnis with his comments earlier this week and I enjoy seeing this from Bauer too. Would you rather the entire team stay silent and pretend this god awful stretch of baseball isn’t affecting them? I certainly wouldn’t.

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