Indians send Swisher, Bourn and cash to Atlanta for Chris Johnson

First of all, I don’t think anyone around here dislikes either of these guys as people, they were great in the community, Swish “came home” to try and win a World Series, it didn’t work out and that sucks. That being said……


Oh happy day. Happy frickin day. I don’t know how much cash we’re sending Atlanta and I don’t really care at this particular moment. I also do not give one single shit about Chris Johnson. He can hit lefties and that’s cool.  And of course, as I write this….

Whoa. Still though. Not gonna get into numbers and statistics because that’s not at all what  this is about. The Braves didn’t actually want Swish or Bourn and we didn’t actually want Chris Johnson. It’s a business transaction, like Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage.

I’m over-the-moon happy with it though. Johnson will be here a year longer than Swish and Bourn would have been but his contract is a lot less annually. Even though the 10 mil we’re sending over essentially makes it an equal swap money-wise, it gives us roster flexibility to get looks at some of our young guys in the OF (Holt, Ramsey, Naquin, Walters, etc).  Hopefully this is a metaphorical turning of the page for the club (and for all of the INSUFFERABLE “bro” jokes from all the Dolan critics).


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