Mishmash- Kangaroo Apocalypse; Boy trips and punches hole in 1.5 million dollar painting; Amazon is introducing alcohol home delivery

Cleveland pic of the day


Kangaroos creepily stare at a man as he’s riding his bike. It’s the Kangaroo Apocalypse.


Amazon is introducing one hour alcohol delivery


The lawyer of Adnan from Serial may have some new evidence to overturn his conviction


12 year old kid trips and accidentally punches a hole through a 1.5 million dollar painting. To be honest, the painting kind of sucks


Some guy who may or may not be on the Kansas U football team likes to do box jumps with lots of weight on his back


Trump kicks out some reporter for being a D and asking a question out of turn


Wombat video of the day. This Wombat has Tinder.


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