Trump Said Ohioans Should Be Pissed About This Mountain Name Change. I Stand With Donald.


Welp. I didn’t know it but I for one AM insulted. I never even knew I cared about a mountain so much but guess what, here we are and I am PISSED. Who cares about those lame boring topics like healthcare, racism, the stock market etc. We’ve got real topics to discuss and it starts now with the motherfucking name of this motherfucking mountain!

Now when it comes to politics I’m admittedly a bit of a simpleton (you probably are too, who are we kidding?). My political opinion is that if you’re on the far right then you’re probably an idiot. If you’re on the far left you’re probably an idiot too. But if there’s one thing that all republicans and democrats can agree on it’s that this mountain’s name belongs to the great state of Ohio. I mean, I see no reason why Alaska even deserves this. Who cares if the mountain is “technically” in “Alaska,” they’re “barely” part of North America.

What good has Alaska provided to our great country anyway?  Other than that smokeshow Sarah Palin, that stand up guy Carlos Boozer, and that award winning film 30 Days Of Night starring Josh Hartnett, I can’t think of a single thing. Have they ever won a CFB National Championship? Have they ever had a back to back Heisman Trophy winner? Are they the birthplace of Wendy’s? Nope to all 3. That distinction goes to the Buckeye State. I mean, leave it to those blockheads to name a mountain after a GMC Sport Utility Vehicle and not after a celebrated US President. SMH, Alaska. SMH. Talk to me when you actually have some daylight, until then, you’ll always be left in the dark.

As for our boy Trump here… Trump is the hottest thing in America right now. There’s no disputing that. If Donald told me to “jump” I’d ask “How high?” If Trump tells me that as an Ohioan I should be insulted about a mountain’s name change, then I’m insulted about a mountain’s name change. That’s just part of the game. If there’s anyone on the planet who you’d take mountain advice from, it’s The Donald. Everybody knows that. He didn’t make his billions from NOT knowing anything about mountains, folks.

Trump, an expert of mountains and apparently, fences:

Let’s Make This Mountain’s Name Great Again.



Hey Adam, that’s exactly what he’s saying. Alaska stinks, bro. Get over it.

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