Mishmash- D-Wade goes beastmode in dodgeball; Chipotle delivery; Connor Cook not named team captain; ISIS is screwed

Cleveland pic of the day


Chipotle announces it will be delivering to food to 40 college campuses later this fall.

In other news, I think I want to go back to college now


Michigan State QB not named a team captain… don’t think this is a big deal, but this is kind of strange, right?


Dwyane Wade goes beast mode in a dodgeball game


In case you missed it or live under a rock, McDonald’s will be offering all day breakfast soon


Guy gives a great interview about escaping a fire and making sure to rescue his family and his BBQ ribs


Marshawn Lynch does an infomercial for Skittles


The U.S. just launched a secret drone campaign to hunt ISIS… ISIS is so screwed


Kanye’s VMAs speech is SO much better with a laugh track in the background

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