Justin Gilbert Threw Dip Spit On A Car, Got In Some Road Rage, Crashed His Car In A Ditch, Got A Ticket

Pic via @TheKovach

From CBS Cleveland

Brunswick Police received a call from the Ohio State Highway Patrol at 4:12 p.m. informing them that a Ford Mustang was chasing Gilbert’s Challenger on I-71 south. Sgt. Safran also said that they received several calls from other drivers on 71 to report the what they saw.

Gilbert exited onto State Rt. 303 and the Mustang, driven by a 55-year old Parma man, followed.

According to police, the incident was a result of one vehicle cutting off the other and the two allegedly exchanged obscene gestures. Gilbert also allegedly threw a cup of used tobacco juice out the window of his Challenger and it landed on the Mustang.

In an attempt to escape the pursuit of the Mustang, Gilbert drove through an industrial park and eventually crashed his Challenger into a drainage ditch on West 130th.


Have a day J.Gilbs!

What a week for your Cleveland Brownies, what a week! We’ve got coaches getting suspended for assaulting their fiancees; we’re trading our wide receivers for hurt running backs; our General Manager is suspended; and now this! It never ends.

Not a good look for our boy Justin here.

In fairness, if some 55 year old kook started following me and trying to run me off the road, I’d try to outrun him too. It would have been a much worse look if both men  would have gotten out of their car, confronted each other, got into an altercation, and ended up with Justin beating up some old dude. Not condoning what happened one bit, but this whole episode could have had a wayyy worse outcome. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Whatever. On to the Jets.


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