Joe Thomas’s Window Commercial Deserves All The Cinematic Awards In The World

Yesterday wasn’t all doom and gloom because yesterday gave us this. Joe Thomas’s mug on our TV screens selling windows like he’s been doing it for years. What a performance. What a commercial. Going into the Hall of Fame at left tackle and going into the Hall of Fame as a window salesman. The fake, forced enthusiasm he uses to convince you to buy a window is the stuff they study in Acting 101. Not only will people be watching film of his play on the football field, they’ll be watching film of his performance on the silver screen.

 According to Twitter the first mention of this commercial was on August 18th but I had never seen it until yesterday. So here ya go, when I see instant classics like this, I upload them to the Internet and share them with the masses. It’s not as good as Mozgov’s commercial but it will definitely go down as one of the greatest Cleveland athlete commercials ever made.

I legit lost it at “CALL Univeral Windows Direct” at the :20 mark. Such passion.

“I love my windows!”

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