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Tim Couch Looks Like He Can Still Play A Little Bit In Bud Light’s New NFL Commercial

And by “play a little bit” I mean looks “jacked and handsome sitting there signing autographs at a car dealership.” I mean, looks at those ‘ceps on Timmy. It looks like he hasn’t stopped doing curls since those idiot fans booed him when he got hurt.



It’s always a fun conversation to wonder what would have been if Couch was surrounded by a competent group of players and coaches when he was drafted in 99. Say he went to Philly instead of McNabb, would Tim have as successful a career as Donovan did?

Say what you want, Tim Couch and Kevin Johnson are still one of the better QB/WR tandems the Browns have had since they returned.

The Norton Furniture guy was in a freaking Super Bowl commercial

(h/t Cleveland Scene)

Gold. Solid bars of pure gold.

I don’t know if it’s just me or what but I feel like I haven’t seen one of these puppies in quite some time. After going to school in New York for four years and living in North Carolina for one, I had almost forgotten about the 30 second installments of sensual raspiness that Norton Furniture treats Northeastern Ohioans. Mark got himself back on my radar last night in a BIG way. His advocacy of Taco Bell’s new Quesalupa was the only Super Bowl commercial that got the rewind button some action at our party (Mashable explains their whole marketing campaign here. Spoiler alert, it’s genius.)

So in honor of your boy finally getting his cup of coffee in the advertising big leagues, we’ve power ranked his top 5 performances of all time.

5. “The Candidate

4. “Super Hero”

3. “Let the man live!”

2. “Frog on a couch and guy with hedge clippers”

1. “Labor”

Timofey Mozgov Rides A Bear Through Cleveland In This Outrageous Cavs Commercial

If you’re a company in the Cleveland area and you want to promote a product/service while going viral at the same time. you put Timofey Mozgov in your commercial. At this point it’s a no brainer. Thankfully the Cavs realized this and gave us the gem above. Nothing has ever felt more right than seeing Mozgov riding a Grizzly on top of the Hope Memorial Bridge on his way into Cleveland.

It’s like someone in the Cavs marketing department read this tweet from Dave McMenamin in December and decided to make it into a reality:

ALSO- It was nice to see Mozzie get some 4th quarter minutes last night and be able to contribute. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come.