Chuck Booms Stars In A Euclid Mayoral Campaign Video… AND LOOK AT HIS SHIRT!!!

Ah, October. The time for football, Halloween, and low budget political commercials that fill up your TV screen during every commercial break. Here we have former 92.3 The Fan host Chuck Booms endorsing Euclid mayoral candidate David Lynch. But let’s not focus on politics in this blog post. Let’s focus on that majestic 50% cotton/50% polyester blend button up shirt that ol’ Chucky is sporting.


Fire. Absolute Randy Johnson high heat fire. I mean, look at this baby


At first glance I couldn’t tell if this was a political ad or the new trailer for the Team America: World Police sequel. So much America oozing from that shirt that right after I watched these videos I immediatly went to YouTube and started listening to instrumental versions of The Star Spangled Banner. USA USA USA!!!

Miss you on the airwaves, Chuck.

PS: My dad lived in Euclid in his 20s and literally every other day he talks about how great the E. 185th Festival used to be until they cancelled it. Don’t really know how Euclid is now but I can tell you that as a 27 year old I won’t be moving there any time soon.

PPS: Booms + Hulk is a match made in heaven

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