Browns Fan Will PAY YOU To Go To The Monday Night Football Game Against Baltimore

Via Craigslist

I am a very depressed season ticket holder. In the past I have often sold games or given away tickets to games I could not attend, nowadays I can’t give tickets away.

In this 16th year of being a season ticket holder I see that being a die hard fan has become very difficult, very few friends post on facebook post regarding the game, (during the game), or later tell me that they turn the game off early to do… yard work, etc.

After today’s game, the penalty that gave the Cardinals a first down instead of forcing them to punt with about 11 minutes in the game, the exodus from the stadium was heart wrenching. Beforehand the crowd was least attentive and on a few occasions that normally the fans scream and pound in anticipation of stopping the opponent or creating a game changing moment the stadium was silent, as if empty.

SO I offer to pay someone to attend the Ravens game – 2 seats 13 rows from the field. All I ask is a reason not to give up believing. Along with a promise that no matter how ugly the game goes you will stay to the last second ticks off the clock. Maybe we can be facebook friends and you can post pictures and updates.

Email me, make me a believer and I will send you the tickets and a dollar.

The correct date of the game is Monday night, November 30th


Things have gotten so bad lately for us Browns fans that this dude is actually willing to pay you to go to the upcoming Browns-Ravens Monday Night Football game later this month.

Now when I first saw this story I thought for sure it was going to be one of those attention seeking publicity stunts that people pull in hopes of news stations or blogs picking up their story. Like a “Fire Jimmy Haslam Petition” or something along those lines… But then I read the Craigslist post and it’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. He’s not trying to “stick it to the Browns” and stir up some negative publicity by posting this. He genuinely just wants someone to go to a Browns game, sit alongside the fellow diehards, and stick around to the final whistle. He’s begging someone to believe in a franchise that hasn’t had a winning season since 2007.

That’s it. That’s all he wants. For someone to attend his team’s nationally televised Monday Night Football game and try to enjoy themselves. And he’s paying for them to do it. Just a guy beaten down by losing season after losing season.

This is what Cleveland Browns football has become and it’s sad. This story will probably cycle around the national publications and everyone will be like “Ha, LOL Browns” but it’s not even funny anymore. This franchise is turning away its most loyal fans by the decisions it continues to make. This is also why we drink. A lot.


PS- This is also one of the reasons I always tell my friends NOT to buy Browns season tickets. By the time November and December roll around you can get decent tickets on StubHub for like $10-$20 on gameday.


PPS- If Johnny somehow shocks the world and pulls off a win tonight and next game vs. the Steelers, this dude better pull this Craigslist offer off of the table. FirstEnergy Stadium would be ELECTRIC for a Monday Night football game with Manziel starting and the Browns riding a winning streak.

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