Illinois Had To Resort To TRIPLE Teaming Joey Bosa In Order To Try And Slow Him Down

It’s been funny to hear the talking heads discuss Joey Bosa’s season stats this year saying he’s been “quiet” and “hasn’t gotten to the quarterback enough.” I heard a caller on Cleveland sports talk radio this past week say that Bosa was pulling a Jadeveon Clowney this season because he didn’t want to hurt his NFL draft stock.


The people that actually watch the Buckeyes games know this is complete bullshit. Bosa has been just as disruptive this year as he was last season when he was the Big 10’s defensive player of the year. The numbers don’t show it but when offenses are playing the Buckeyes, containing #97 is their top priority.

Also, I see holding and a block in the back.


He also did this to end the 1st half.

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