A recap of how 6-year-old CJ DeJohn saved Christmas


From Cleveland.com:

“CLEVELAND, Ohio — A local 6-year-old boy with a rare heart condition had his dream come true on Thursday when he became Cleveland Police chief for a day.

CJ DeJohn’s big day was set up through a partnership between WJW Fox 8, the Cleveland Division of Police and the Cleveland Chapter of A Special Wish Foundation.

CJ’s priority as chief: Save Christmas from a Grinch-like villain who has stolen Christmas presents from all of the city’s boys and girls. To solve the crime, CJ and his family spent the day touring the city and collecting clues at landmarks like Tower City, City Hall and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and he’ll do it all in a custom Cleveland police uniform.

CJ was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which has left him with essentially half a heart.

The condition will likely keep him from becoming a police officer as an adult, something he has always wanted to do. 

“My heart, it’s special,” CJ told WJW’s Melissa Reid.”


“My heart, it’s special.”

I’m not crying. You’re crying. Shut up.

Good jobs all around here. Fox 8, the Cleveland PD, Tower City, the Rock Hall, all the people that came out in support. Just everyone involved. Our city is pretty awesome sometimes.

CJ’s day started with being sworn in as Cleveland Police Chief

He wasted no time getting to work – getting briefed on The Crump

Quick pet stop on his way to the station

Saint Nick provides the first clue – a toy soldier

One quick picture, boys. BACK TO WORK!

ok fine 1 more

Santa’s clue led the gang to Tower City

The terrifying life-sized toy soldier gave CJ his second clue – a key

Quick statement to keep the press off his back

The search for clue 3 led to City Hall

You’re under arrest dad

Clue 3 – a basketball

Brb Crump, need ice cream

Had to call in the big guns

No, THESE big guns

Slider gives CJ clue #4 – a guitar

Awesome turnout at the Rock Hall

GOT EEEEEEM!!!!!!!!!!!

And just like that, Christmas is saved. Thank you for your hard work and diligent efforts to bring The Crump to justice, CJ.


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