Mishmash- Suicide Squad trailer; Drunk guy gets elephant tattoo around his penis; Palin’s back!; 4 foot long house cat

Cleveland pic of the day


The Suicide Squad trailer dropped last night and it looks gooooood


Best report card ever. Teacher says that a girl tied another student to a pole and went Super Saiyan during class. (this description doesn’t do it justice, I promise it’s pretty funny)


Russell Westbrook almost beat up the Nuggets mascot


Sarah Palin returned yesterday to endorse Donald Trump (amazing) and she was very Sarah Palin-y


Drunk guy got an elephant tattoo around his penis. Whoops! 


 This cat is four feet long.

Spock is a Maine Coon, one of the largest breeds of domesticated cat. Nicknamed 'gentle giants', they are known for being sociable and playful


Woman posts on Facebook that she killed her boyfriend. Interesting tactics.

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