Cavs fire David Blatt?


Best record in the East. 16-2 at home. Won 11 of 13. Coming off an NBA Finals appearance.

Pack your bags, David.

Has a shorter straw ever been drawn by any coach or manager in professional sports?

LeBron must have REALLY wanted this guy out. 100%, he went to Dan Gilbert and David Griffin and told them to fire Blatt. There’s absolutely no other explanation.

Is the Cavs job as toxic as the Browns was? Seriously. The Browns had a tough time convincing a coach to come here because of their history of firing guys for sucking. The Cavs just fired a guy who made the NBA Finals and had the best record in the conference the following year.

Just kidding. No job opening. As I typed that last paragraph, another Woj bomb that Ty Lue agreed to a multi-year deal. MULTI YEAR. Kinda bullshit, no? This was clearly done behind Blatt’s back over the past days/weeks. I don’t feel good about this whatsoever. But what LeBron wants, LeBron gets. And he still wants a championship. Go Cavs.

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