Browns Fan Has A NSFW/Almost Sensible Johnny Manziel Rant In The Driver’s Seat Of His Car

Probably NSFW: Lots and lots of language.

Many of you probably know this dude. His name is El Presador and he makes YouTube videos about the Browns. Usually they’re after losses or when he wants to bitch about Mike Pettine. I’ve seen a handful of them and usually they’re the same old shit every week: The Browns suck, Mike Pettine sucks, and he yells loudly and swears every 4th word. Pretty simple formula and it works because his videos have thousands and thousands of views on them.

But this one actually caught my attention a little bit because he actually makes some valid points. I think he actually conveys a lot of the thoughts that us fellow Browns fans have. So after you get past all of the times he says “fuck” and “bitch,” there’s actually something pragmatic here.

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