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This Guy Ranting About How The Raptors Suck Is My Favorite Guy Of All Time


Hey Trash Nasty Gaming, you’ve got a permanent place at the table with every drink and food option, no reservations, and unlimited booze. If Dan Gilbert is as smart of a businessman as we think he is, he’ll have this dude sitting behind the Raptors bench Tuesday night talking shit to Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozan until his lungs fall out of his body.

But now the Cavs have to play the Raptors instead of the Heat?

Mashable donald trump whatever who cares wave off

I’ll be honest, I wanted the Heat. I wanted the Heat BAD. From the revenge factor, to the millions of storylines, to Le Batard & Papi, to the endless shit talking on Twitter…. this series would have been an all timer even if the Cavs probably would have won it in 5 or 6. And it was robbed from us. Robbed right under our noses from that fake ass maple tree humping country up North (didn’t think I’d ever be shit talking an entire country on this website yet here we are.)

Hey Raptors, we’re comin for that ass.

Cavs in 4.



Browns Fan Has A NSFW/Almost Sensible Johnny Manziel Rant In The Driver’s Seat Of His Car

Probably NSFW: Lots and lots of language.

Many of you probably know this dude. His name is El Presador and he makes YouTube videos about the Browns. Usually they’re after losses or when he wants to bitch about Mike Pettine. I’ve seen a handful of them and usually they’re the same old shit every week: The Browns suck, Mike Pettine sucks, and he yells loudly and swears every 4th word. Pretty simple formula and it works because his videos have thousands and thousands of views on them.

But this one actually caught my attention a little bit because he actually makes some valid points. I think he actually conveys a lot of the thoughts that us fellow Browns fans have. So after you get past all of the times he says “fuck” and “bitch,” there’s actually something pragmatic here.

LISTEN: ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Rizzo Going Ballistic During A Browns Rant Is Must Hear Radio

(original link here)

How about a nice little rant to get your morning started? Who needs Joebees or coffee when you’ve got Tony Rizzo ready to rip someone’s face off. Love this shit. Sounds like he’s on the verge of a breakdown and we can only pray it happens live on the air.

Don’t care what your opinion of Rizz is but you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think the dude is entertaining as hell on the radio. Yeah, sure the Really Big Show might as well be named “The Really Long Live Read” but I still enjoy listening as much as I can.

As for those who think this is manufactured, I have to disagree. I interned at ESPN Cleveland a few years ago and can say Rizzo is as high strung off the air as he is on the air.

Also- He went kinda hard at Greeny, no?