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Ken Carman disagrees with the national narrative about the Cavs

Link to the audio HERE

Hey, national narrative about the Cavs:


There’s nothing, and I mean nothing in the world I love more than table-pounding Ken. It’s by far the best Ken there is. Better than self-deprecating Ken, redneck childhood stories Ken and even “Good God” after a questionable Lima comment Ken. When he starts screaming but the audio actually gets quieter because he’s storming around the studio nowhere near his mic, that’s why you tune in every day. The type of vitriolic tirade that you only get from a guy who was born and raised here. He gets it.

Mr. Carman. Your place at the table.


LISTEN: ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Rizzo Going Ballistic During A Browns Rant Is Must Hear Radio

(original link here)

How about a nice little rant to get your morning started? Who needs Joebees or coffee when you’ve got Tony Rizzo ready to rip someone’s face off. Love this shit. Sounds like he’s on the verge of a breakdown and we can only pray it happens live on the air.

Don’t care what your opinion of Rizz is but you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think the dude is entertaining as hell on the radio. Yeah, sure the Really Big Show might as well be named “The Really Long Live Read” but I still enjoy listening as much as I can.

As for those who think this is manufactured, I have to disagree. I interned at ESPN Cleveland a few years ago and can say Rizzo is as high strung off the air as he is on the air.

Also- He went kinda hard at Greeny, no?