Mishmash- Woman called out for parking in a handicapped spot; Hulk Hogan interview; Woman hides piece of poop in her purse

Cleveland pic of the day


If you’re feeling up for it, here’s a story of a brave woman hiding a piece of poop in her purse. Yep.


Woman gets mad after she’s called out for parking in a handicapped spot


Hulk Hogan gives an exclusive interview with the NY Post after he was awarded $140 million


Nate Robinson has an interview interrupted by some guy wanting to play him one on one


A fan hit WWE wrestler Braun Strowman during Monday’s show

#WWWF #WWF #WWE #WRESTLING #WRESTLEPAGE #RAW #PHILLY #STROWMAN A fan apparently struck Braun Strowman during the dark main event after last night's RAW in Philadelphia. As seen in the video above, Strowman was selling outside of the ring and made his way to the barricade when a fan appeared to uppercut him. Strowman quickly pointed the fan out to security, and he was promptly ejected from the arena. Granted the fan was a complete douche bag for dong that but, I blame @wwe for having terrible security service. If you go to a indy show like PWG you are literally 5 feet away from the ring with no barricade and there's never been an incident, but in WWE where you have tons of security and barricades shit like this happens more often than ever lately. Get it together @wwe for once in your life and some of you fans today are fuking! Low lives who should not be allowed in society.

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Former NBA player Glenn Robinson challenges Stephen A. Smith to a cage match


Best dunk attempt ever



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