Richard Jefferson Is Driving Around With A Magazine Cutout Of Kevin Love In His Front Seat And It’s Hilarious

The saga of Magazine Kevin Love continues…

First, this video of LeBron and Richard Jefferson on the team plane after last night’s win in Detroit posing with a magazine ad of a guy that looks almost identical to Kevin Love (I’m not sure if it’s Kevin or not but I don’t think it is):

Then this series of videos posted on Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat today with RJ just chillin with Magazine Kevin Love in the front seat of his Ford:

MKL (Magazine Kevin Love) even gets a banana fed to him


I don’t know, guys. I really wish this team would just stop having so many chemistry issues and would just learn to like each other off of the court. If only Kyrie could stop worrying about his shoe colors and start worrying about the playoffs…

… and Kevin would stop being beautiful in Banana Republic ads then maybe, just maybe, they’d have a chance in a 7 game series. Until then, I don’t know what to tell you.

Sidenote: Richard Jefferson is quickly climbing the power rankings for “Most Likable Cavalier”

UPDATE: Kevin has lost his shotgun privileges in favor of Channing Frye

One thought on “Richard Jefferson Is Driving Around With A Magazine Cutout Of Kevin Love In His Front Seat And It’s Hilarious”

  1. Kevin Love is totally evil and leads his female fans astray with his modeling and magazine stuff. Even the Hooper ads aren’t totally pure. Horrible human being. Good at rebounding ball. Seems to have no redeeming value as a person beyond basketball skills, however.
    damned ladykiller…


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