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A Complete Breakdown Of The Cavs Dance Party At Kevin Love’s House On Thursday Night

What do you do when you have a few days off from work? Well, I, like the rest of the Cavs, like to drink some alcohol, let loose, and turn up in someone’s basement. Maybe put on some of the newest rap tunes and hang out with my buddies and a magazine cutout.

See, we aren’t that different from NBA players.


Let’s look at the game tape



I know it’s for leg room but sitting passenger in an Uber when you’re the only person in it is kind of a psycho move. I don’t know about this Channing guy…



Beer, Five Hour, chapstick, and mints. Add some Tums in there and this is literally what I venture out with every weekend. I think me and Lil Kev would run in the same circle.



Hermosa Beach? As in Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles? Fuck. Kevin Love is going to the Lakers, isn’t he?



Dad and son.



Here’s the green tea and espresso story that Channing Frye was referencing



“He’s been shooting too much sometimes, man. Ask those two.”


BALLSY move by Channing to steal LeBron’s seat at the table and then tell him that he shoots to much. What do you expect from a guy who willingly sits shotgun in an Uber though?



And now the dance party started




Maybe my favorite part of the whole thing. You just know Kev and RJ aren’t familiar with the new hip hop songs being played. Put on some 2000s 50 Cent and EVERYONE knows the words. You can even hear Kevin rap the words at the end. Classic white guy move to not know the words but only rap the chorus.



This coat is small on Channing Frye but would probably be down to your knees if you put it on.



Precious cargo strapped in.



Tristan is definitely the guy that stands up on the seat and dances and then spills his drink on you when the party bus hits a bump.



The MVP. Who doesn’t fist pump when a good Calvin Harris song comes on?


What a night. Felt like I was a part of it. My only suggestion would be to add a few more players. You know JR would put on for the Snap and I’d love to see Mozgov and Kyrie get some more shine as well.

Cavs in 4.

Huge News: Magazine Kevin Love Has Been Given Shotgun Privileges While Channing Frye Is In The Back Seat


Wow!!! Haven’t see a twist like that since the ending of the Sixth Sense! Just when you think MKL has been relegated to the backseat for the rest of his life magazine life, RJ gives him shotgun privileges and tells Channing Frye to get his ass in the backseat. Equal rights for humans and paper. It’s beautiful, really (even if it is a tad cruel to put a 6’11 dude in the backseat in favor of a picture).

The fact that they laminated the pic makes me think MKL will be around for the length of the playoffs. This could be the final piece to winning Cleveland a championship.


These are the kind of blog posts you’ll get about the Cavs when they haven’t played in about a week.

Richard Jefferson Is Driving Around With A Magazine Cutout Of Kevin Love In His Front Seat And It’s Hilarious

The saga of Magazine Kevin Love continues…

First, this video of LeBron and Richard Jefferson on the team plane after last night’s win in Detroit posing with a magazine ad of a guy that looks almost identical to Kevin Love (I’m not sure if it’s Kevin or not but I don’t think it is):

Then this series of videos posted on Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat today with RJ just chillin with Magazine Kevin Love in the front seat of his Ford:

MKL (Magazine Kevin Love) even gets a banana fed to him


I don’t know, guys. I really wish this team would just stop having so many chemistry issues and would just learn to like each other off of the court. If only Kyrie could stop worrying about his shoe colors and start worrying about the playoffs…

… and Kevin would stop being beautiful in Banana Republic ads then maybe, just maybe, they’d have a chance in a 7 game series. Until then, I don’t know what to tell you.

Sidenote: Richard Jefferson is quickly climbing the power rankings for “Most Likable Cavalier”

UPDATE: Kevin has lost his shotgun privileges in favor of Channing Frye