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Huge News: Magazine Kevin Love Has Been Given Shotgun Privileges While Channing Frye Is In The Back Seat


Wow!!! Haven’t see a twist like that since the ending of the Sixth Sense! Just when you think MKL has been relegated to the backseat for the rest of his life magazine life, RJ gives him shotgun privileges and tells Channing Frye to get his ass in the backseat. Equal rights for humans and paper. It’s beautiful, really (even if it is a tad cruel to put a 6’11 dude in the backseat in favor of a picture).

The fact that they laminated the pic makes me think MKL will be around for the length of the playoffs. This could be the final piece to winning Cleveland a championship.


These are the kind of blog posts you’ll get about the Cavs when they haven’t played in about a week.