VICE Sports Ride Along with JR Smith

“Hold on. Sorry. This is Bron, excuse me one second. If I don’t answer, he’ll kill me.”

Remember earlier this year when people were questioning LeBron’s leadership abilities? That was fun.

  • Had no clue JR grew up with basically a full NBA roster of siblings. But I do have a pretty good idea which kid would have no problem reaching for that last piece of pizza
  • Guess he used up all his bricks as a kid working for his dad’s construction business
  • 30 for 30 on JR’s time in China? That, I’d watch.
  • “My first tattoo was a picture of me dunking. Well, it was a picture of Vince Carter dunking and I just changed the number and put my name on the back.”

  • He wasn’t kidding about them offering him a shitload of money to play in China. $3 million for 4 months. He only ended up pocketing $1.82 million though, after skipping close to 80 practices and leaving country on occasion without telling the team. Classic JR.
  • Add “drinking cups of plain hot water” to the legend of JR Smith
  • Can’t even be mad about him admitting he was pissed when the Knicks traded him to Cleveland. You can just hear how much he loves New York, and he talks about Melo like LeBron talks about Wade.
  • Appreciate the sentiment at the end about not having to score and only caring about winning, but I think we all prefer fading-away-in-the-corner-hushing-opposing-fans JR.


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