No One In Cleveland Is Hotter Right Now Than Stipe Miocic

After Stipe Miocic knocked the piss out of Fabricio Werdum late Saturday night in front of Werdum’s Brazilian crowd, he returned to Cleveland as the world champion and is the toast of the town right now. No one (not even LeBron or any Cavs player) is having a better couple of days than Stipe. I honestly can’t remember one person taking the city by storm like this (aside from LeBron in July of 2014)

He was greeted at Hopkins Airport when he returned on Monday. Pretty cool  that you can see how much winning and bringing the belt back to his hometown mean to him.


He then took some BP at Progressive Field yesterday and decided to mash and hit a few bombs over the left field wall for good measure. NBD.

Hey Dolans, here’s your right handed power bat. And oh, I don’t think anyone on the team will get Jose Bautista’d if Stipe is sitting in the dugout with an Indians jersey on, just sayin.


Then he ventured over to the Cavs game to pump up the crowd in a Delly jersey of course


And today he’s at the Browns OTA practice



Stipe has turned into a bona fide rockstar in this city all within the past 4 days. He seems like a genuinely good dude so I’ll be rooting hard for him (even if he did go to North and I went to South but whatever)

If I had to power rank “The King of Cleveland” right now it’d be:

  1. LeBron
  2. Stipe
  3. Lil Kev


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