Guy Is So Stoned After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Out That He Thinks The Browns Are Going To The Super Bowl

Ah, to be young, stoned, and an eternal optimist again.

Whatever this kid is on I want double the dosage everyday for the rest of my life. That’s gotta be some strong shit.

Here’s the backstory from the man himself:


Not a .500 record. Not a wild card berth in the playoffs. The Super Bowl. He’s so out of it that he thinks the Browns (at 200-1) will be representing the AFC in the biggest sporting event in America. Hey, if RGIII shocks people, the defense comes together, and our rookie class contributes…….

So he thinks he’s downtown and going to the Browns game. Fair enough.  But is he really that different than someone who’s been in the Muni Lot for 5 straight hours?

Best part

OK, Jim you’re bleeding

No, I’ll bleed for the Browns


Couldn’t have scripted something so perfect.




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