Mishmash- US airstrike annihilates ISIS convoy; High speed highway go kart chase; Worst National Anthem in history

Cleveland pic of the day

Down goes Biebs!

Some guy tricked art idiots into believing bricks of money were “art”

High speed go kart chase! I repeat, high speed go kart chase!

Duron Carter caught a TD, got lit up, then celebrated on the other team’s bench. Also, why is Duron Carter in the CFL? Didn’t he sign with the Colts?

This is the worst National Anthem in the history of National Anthems

This is the most awkward handshake I’ve ever seen in my life

US and Iraqi warplanes went #Beastmode on ISIS convoys

Jason Pierre Paul did a fireworks PSA

Charles Barkley told a story about how he tried to help Johnny Manziel in Vegas 


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