I Know I’m An Idiot For Being Excited About Josh Gordon But I don’t Care


Here we go here we go! It’s officially my favorite time of the year and one that I’ve been celebrating since the summer of 2014. It’s the time of year when I think Josh Gordon can come back in football shape, quickly knock off two years of rust (the 2014 season doesn’t count) and be the receiver for the Browns that he was in 2013.

I’m an idiot and I know I’m an idiot, ok? It’s kind of like playing Pokemon as a 27 year old. I know I’m a dork for playing Pokemon Go just like I know I’m an idiot for getting excited about Josh Gordon. It’s all about awareness. I know that getting back to form after a 1+ year layoff is going to be incredibly hard. I know the cards are stacked against him and that there’s a large faction of Browns fans who want him traded. I know he’s been a dipshit and associates himself with other dipshits.

But then there’s this

And this

And then you think about the new coaching staff and Hue Jackson’s love of big and fast wide receivers. And he’s still on his rookie contract. And many teams probably won’t trade any more than a late round pick for him. And he’s really really really talented… annnnnnnd just like that I’m 100% back on the Josh Gordon bandwagon.

Are we going to 100% regret getting excited about this when he inevitably (but hopefully not) fails a drug test in the future? Probably. I’m realistic about the whole thing but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be excited about a RG3, Duke, Flash, Barnidge, and Corey Coleman offense. On paper, it doesn’t look that shitty. Really though, it doesn’t.

My excitement level for this upcoming Browns season was at about a 6 this morning but after this Gordon news I’m at about an 8. Should be fun a fun season. All of our expectations are low but that doesn’t mean this team isn’t full of intriguing storylines.

As we come out of this Cavs championship hangover it’s now full steam ahead into Browns season.


And then there’s this. Fucking Goodell strikes again.

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