Mishmash- Daring Wal Mart shoplifter escapes on a scooter; Chipotle opening burger joint in Ohio; Pony breaks into bar

Cleveland pic of the day

A pony broke into a bar

Here’s a couple sharks devouring a whale carcass and I don’t think I’m ever going into the ocean again

The Rio Olympics are going to be so fun. Oh, and here’s a corpse that floated to the top of the water where competitions will be held

A group of high school students sang Battle Hymn Of The Republic as a fallen WWII soldier was being escorted off of their plane

A shoplifter escaped Wal Mart on his scooter and this might be my favorite video of 2016

A guy wants a refund for a bad haircut and some old lady freaks out on him

Chipotle is opening a burger joint in Ohio this fall


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