Mishmash- Teacher karaokes her syllabus and it’s bad. So bad; Browns dead last in power rankings; Blockbuster tour

Cleveland pic of the day


A guy takes us on a tour to see what a Blockbuster looks like nowadays

The Browns are dead last in the AP’s power rankings

This double amputee who plays football is a beast

I know you’ve probably all seen it but here’s Steph Curry getting blocked by a teenager. Steph’s had a ROUGH summer.

There’s a girl in Texas who weighs 700 lbs, is immobile, and is trying to get to 1,000 lbs by having her boyfriend feed he through a funnel.

A girl rolled her car into a river after freaking out because she found a spider on her lap

This teacher decided to sing her way through her syllabus and it’s so so so bad

Little kid baptizes himself because the preacher was taking too damn long

90’s song of the day


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