The Browns Got Screwed Because Duke Johnson Definitely Did Not Lose A Fumble In The Fourth Quarter

Stop me if you heard this before. The Browns got screwed by a bad call by an official in the 4th quarter vs a team from the DMV that potentially decided the game. Crazy, right?

Now this “fumble” wasn’t the reason why the Browns couldn’t tackle Matt Jones in the fourth quarter or why Cody Kessler threw that pick to Josh Norman. But shit, man. They don’t need bad calls by the referees to decide the game for them.

Yeah Duke fumbled it but it seems to me that he clearly recovered it himself. Show me where there’s definitive evidence that the Redskins recovered the football. You can’t. And why was the ref so quick to declare a change of possession when nobody but the Browns player was seen with the ball? In most scrums after a fumble the official usually waits until everybody is pulled off the pile to decide which player ultimately came up holding the football. HOW CAN YOU GIVE POSSESSION TO A TEAM WHEN THAT TEAM NEVER POSSESSED THE BALL.

This was the BS excuse the NFL laid on us


You are what your record says you are but this team could easily be 2-2 if not for a taunting call that wasn’t taunting and a lost fumble that was never lost.

Welp. 0-4 on to New England.

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