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A couple Buckeye fans (heroes) trolled Alabama at the SEC Media Day

The term “hero” gets thrown around a little too loosely these days but I have no problem calling these two men “heroes.” Middle of SEC country, surrounded by illiterate rednecks, and they’re just proudly sporting their Scarlet and Grey. Full of pride and letting the big bad best conference ever in the universe know that the Buckeyes are the undisputed champions. Letting the SEC know that the Buckeyes basically murdered the entire conference on January 1, 2015. That is awesome. THAT is courageous.


“[We came] just to let them know,” Moorer said. “Everybody is talking about what Alabama is going to do preseason, and they don’t want to show the Buckeyes no respect.

“We won the first playoff system. And if you can remember, nobody was expecting Ohio State to get in the playoff. We kind of got in there at the last minute, but it gave us the opportunity to face the uncrowned, the so-called best team in college football, Alabama, and we did.

“Nick Saban — they say to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man. Well, we beat the man. Urban Meyer beat the man. Urban Meyer beat the legend, the myth.”

Someone buy these guys a beer STAT.

Good thing Saban isn’t making any excuses for the Sugar Bowl loss though.

ps- These 2 guys may have just been Auburn fans dressed as OSU fans but let’s not even think about that.


Even the Russian judge gives this OSU CFB Playoff Hype video a 10/10

Sugar honey iced tea, that’s good. Perfectly produced video. I actually started to feel physically ill right around the VA Tech pick six. Three eggs over easy just sitting there in my throat.

The video is pretty unbelievable in the way it makes you feel exactly how the Buckeyes season went this year. Salty after the loss to MSU, depressed after Braxton’s injury, borderline suicidal after the loss to VA Tech. Then the crescendo starts to build, the Buckeyes start to figure some things out and it’s a full blown goddamn orchestra when Michael Thomas takes it 79 yards to the house against the Green Goblins. Goose pimples, goose pimples everywhere. A little disappointed at the absence of the #BosaShrug but you can’t complain about perfection. And that’s exactly what this video is. O fucking H.


S/O to @kpdunphy who made the video

I wasn’t that excited for OSU-Michigan. This trailer changed that.

Oh boy. How do you get pumped up to beat your rival/joke of a program…that’s about to fire their head coach… who doesn’t have a current athletic director… and who is having one of their most pathetic seasons in recent memory?

You make videos like this.


Chills. Goosebumps.

Can’t wait till 12 pm on Saturday when I’m about 11 Bud Lights deep slur-singing “We don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan.” I hope Joey Bosa eats Devin Gardner on Saturday and his stupid #98 jersey. I say that literally, not figuratively. I physically want Bosa to eat him for lunch and for Urb and the boys to drop 60 on their asses.

4 days.