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Introducing Brian Hartline’s Fiancee Kara Conard

So not only is Brian Hartline making plays on the field, he’s making them off of it too. Introducing his fiancee Kara Conard. Smoke. 10/10. Good for Brian.


Pics via Kara’s Instagram


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Browns get a nice addition at receiver; sign Brian Hartline for 2 yrs $6 million

Can’t hate this move at all if you’re a Browns fan. Get a nice solid piece (for pretty cheap) to provide depth to our receiving corps. Is he a #1? I don’t think so, still think the Browns need to address wide receiver in the draft but this is a nice start. Welcome home, Brian. Welcome home.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that the Browns beat out other “major markets” for Hartline.

Hey Boston, Houston, and Chicago, ya’ll can suck it.

PS- Would have had this post up wayyyyy sooner but believe it or not I was actually at the gym. Had to speed home just to put this up. But this is what we do. We post pictures of cheerleaders; write blogs about Cavs players’ dicks; address serial egg throwers; and LITERALLY forego our physical health to type something up about the Browns signing a receiver. This is why we’re gonna make it in the dog eat dog Cleveland blog world. This is why we’re gonna make it.

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