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MMDB: That Wasn’t A Fumble, That Fourth Quarter Stunk, And We’re 0-4

The Monday Morning Disappointment Blog

Everything about yesterday stunk.
Here’s some game tape:


Wow, the Browns have so many strengths on defense. Just kidding, it’s only one player. F off, CBS.

 Hit em with the Silencer, TP 

Jamar Taylor looks like he might be a player 


14 things I believe I believe about the Browns 

  1. I know we exaggerate a lot on this site but I can honestly say yesterday’s 4th quarter was the least fun I’ve had watching football in a few years. That was brutal.
  2. Said it last week and am saying it again- Give Terrelle Pryor an extension right now.
  3. Browns are very poor at covering tight ends. Good thing Rob Gronkowski comes to town next weekend.
  4. Saw a lot of people blaming Hue Jackson for a fullback fumbling the football. While I usually wouldn’t want my fullback carrying the ball out of a single back set, he’s got to hang on to the ball. It’s not Hue’s fault he fumbled.
  5. I’m trying to shake this feeling but I see a lot of Colt McCoy in Cody Kessler.
  6. Taunting call, missed field goals, phantom fumble recovery. It’s always something.
  7. Already went into detail about Duke’s non fumble, but man, what a terrible terrible call.

8. Counting the preseason, the 2016 Browns have lost 8 games in a row. Now I’m all for getting the #1 pick but I think this young team really really needs a win.

9. 15 carries is not enough for Crowell. He’s the second leading rusher in the NFL, feed him the damn ball. 

10. Without Nassib our pass rush is just non existent.

11. Has anyone else noticed that the center position hadn’t really had any issues the past 2 games? Strange coincidence… 

12. Wish the officials would pay more attention to making the right call on a fumble rather than throwing a flag for a TD dance or “shooting a bow and arrow.” Such a joke. 

13. I just turned 28 this weekend and have come to the realization that I probably won’t see a good Browns team until I’m in my 30s. Do you have any idea how depressing that is? A whole lifetime of bad football. 

14. I can’t really bitch too much. Literally every other team I root for is in the mix to win a championship this year. 



Around the league

  1. Did not foresee the 2 best teams in the NFC from last season each starting 1-3
  2. Every time Julio Jones does something good I throw up a little
  3. New England coming off of an embarrassing loss to Buffalo AND getting the best quarterback of all time back? Good fucking luck, Browns.
  4. Does anyone else not enjoy NFL Sundays as much as they used to? Don’t know if it’s the fact that the Browns stink or if the NFL product stinks, but I haven’t had a fun NFL Sunday in awhile. 
  5. It’s nice to see Baltimore finally lose. They were the biggest 3-0 fraud team in the league. I don’t think the Ravens make the playoffs.
  6. Watching Zeke and Dak Prescott eases the pain of having to sit through nationally televised Cowboys games. That duo is a lot of fun.
  7. It used to be the Bucs but the Colts are my new most hated team. F the Colts, man.


On to New England 

The Browns Got Screwed Because Duke Johnson Definitely Did Not Lose A Fumble In The Fourth Quarter

Stop me if you heard this before. The Browns got screwed by a bad call by an official in the 4th quarter vs a team from the DMV that potentially decided the game. Crazy, right?

Now this “fumble” wasn’t the reason why the Browns couldn’t tackle Matt Jones in the fourth quarter or why Cody Kessler threw that pick to Josh Norman. But shit, man. They don’t need bad calls by the referees to decide the game for them.

Yeah Duke fumbled it but it seems to me that he clearly recovered it himself. Show me where there’s definitive evidence that the Redskins recovered the football. You can’t. And why was the ref so quick to declare a change of possession when nobody but the Browns player was seen with the ball? In most scrums after a fumble the official usually waits until everybody is pulled off the pile to decide which player ultimately came up holding the football. HOW CAN YOU GIVE POSSESSION TO A TEAM WHEN THAT TEAM NEVER POSSESSED THE BALL.

This was the BS excuse the NFL laid on us


You are what your record says you are but this team could easily be 2-2 if not for a taunting call that wasn’t taunting and a lost fumble that was never lost.

Welp. 0-4 on to New England.

Josh Gordon Is Headed To Rehab

First things first- Good for Josh for going to get some help. IF this is legit and not just a publicity stunt (*cough* Manziel *cough*) then this is a good thing for him and I hope he gets the help he needs. No shame in admitting you need help.

That said, this is weird, right? 4 days from being reinstated and no reports (yet) of failing a test. You mean to tell me he just woke up today after serving 90 percent of his suspension and said “I need to go to rehab today.” I just can’t buy that, man.

He’s been around the Browns facility during his suspension:

There was the news last week of a warrant out for his arrest after he failed to submit DNA for a paternity test for over a year. Maybe this is the “pressure and stress” he was referring to in his tweet?

And then there’s the whole Drew Rosenhaus thing. Maybe this is just a power play for his client to get released from a winless team who is rebuilding. If there’s no failed test with Josh, then why wouldn’t he just prolong his suspension/time off, get released, then join another team that doesn’t have a revolving door of quarterbacks? Seems very doubtful but I’m all for a good conspiracy theory.

There’s also this:

Stay motherfucking woke





(he probably failed a test)