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Josh Gordon Is Headed To Rehab

First things first- Good for Josh for going to get some help. IF this is legit and not just a publicity stunt (*cough* Manziel *cough*) then this is a good thing for him and I hope he gets the help he needs. No shame in admitting you need help.

That said, this is weird, right? 4 days from being reinstated and no reports (yet) of failing a test. You mean to tell me he just woke up today after serving 90 percent of his suspension and said “I need to go to rehab today.” I just can’t buy that, man.

He’s been around the Browns facility during his suspension:

There was the news last week of a warrant out for his arrest after he failed to submit DNA for a paternity test for over a year. Maybe this is the “pressure and stress” he was referring to in his tweet?

And then there’s the whole Drew Rosenhaus thing. Maybe this is just a power play for his client to get released from a winless team who is rebuilding. If there’s no failed test with Josh, then why wouldn’t he just prolong his suspension/time off, get released, then join another team that doesn’t have a revolving door of quarterbacks? Seems very doubtful but I’m all for a good conspiracy theory.

There’s also this:

Stay motherfucking woke





(he probably failed a test)


(Report) Johnny Manziel is out of rehab

Take that for what it’s worth because “sources” haven’t been so good to Cleveland in the past 24 hours. IF it’s true, then good for Johnny. He stayed in there about a BILLION times longer than anyone said he would. This was just step #1 and now he has to figure what he’s going to do from here. We’ve always been Pro-Johnny around here so I’m hoping like hell he figures this shit out. Nothing in the world would make me happier than seeing him succeed in playing quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

I just want to feel this type of excitement again:

johnnydraft (1)

(ps- that’s me standing on the chair)

His girlfriend tipped everyone off earlier this afternoon


And it seems his sister just got some flowers from him today (maybe to celebrate his release?)

He’s home (maybe)



To continue the Browns stellar offseason; Johnny Manziel is entering rehab


Whoa. After and up and down year let’s hope he gets the help he needs and comes back strong next year. This is a good start, everyone knows he loves to party. Hopefully this makes him realize the opportunity he has in front of himself.

Even when the Browns aren’t playing they still dominate the headlines I guess.

And to think that asshole Skip Bayless was right

PS- Has anyone made the joke that he just means “Rehab” as like the club in Vegas?