Josh Gordon Is Headed To Rehab

First things first- Good for Josh for going to get some help. IF this is legit and not just a publicity stunt (*cough* Manziel *cough*) then this is a good thing for him and I hope he gets the help he needs. No shame in admitting you need help.

That said, this is weird, right? 4 days from being reinstated and no reports (yet) of failing a test. You mean to tell me he just woke up today after serving 90 percent of his suspension and said “I need to go to rehab today.” I just can’t buy that, man.

He’s been around the Browns facility during his suspension:

There was the news last week of a warrant out for his arrest after he failed to submit DNA for a paternity test for over a year. Maybe this is the “pressure and stress” he was referring to in his tweet?

And then there’s the whole Drew Rosenhaus thing. Maybe this is just a power play for his client to get released from a winless team who is rebuilding. If there’s no failed test with Josh, then why wouldn’t he just prolong his suspension/time off, get released, then join another team that doesn’t have a revolving door of quarterbacks? Seems very doubtful but I’m all for a good conspiracy theory.

There’s also this:

Stay motherfucking woke





(he probably failed a test)


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