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The NFL Made A Draft Diary Video Of Corey Coleman Last Night And It’s Pretty Awesome


I absolutely LOVE this kind of behind the scenes footage from draft night. The NFL does a great job with this. Watching someone’s biggest night of their life unfold on film is just cool cool stuff to me. Corey seems like a good kid and will be easy to root for.

Let’s break down the film:

Welcome to the Swole Patrol starring Corey Coleman, Baylor. Stop calling him a small wide receiver. Yes, he’s under 6 feet tall, but he’s definitely not small.


Ab city. Ab ab city, bitch


Look good, feel good, get drafted good


Corey Coleman and a fan


Who gave Fedor a microphone on the red carpet? (Chris if you read this I’m just joking)


Me too, Corey. Me too. Can’t even imagine the emotions these dudes have running through them.


“Oh shit, is that them?”


Awesome moment here

That face when you realize you’re responsible for the Cleveland passing offense.


(also the “please don’t ask me any questions about Shawn Oakman” face)

Does Roger call all draft picks “baby?” That’s kinda strange, no?


Please, Corey. Please.


Video: Watch Sashi & Hue Jackson Call Corey Coleman To Tell Him He’s Been Drafted By The Browns

Pretty cool. Pretty pretty cool. The Browns got their highest rated receiver, accrued more picks, and actually seem like they’re sticking to the gameplan. Sash and the boys are playing chess and everyone else is playing checkers (I think that’s how the phrase goes)

Most draft day phone calls all sound the same with lots of “yes sirs” and “thank yous” but in his post draft interviews and in a few videos,  Corey Coleman actually seems like he’s excited to be here.


Also. I think it’s time we start referring to Sashi Brown as just “Sash” from now on since that’s what he calls himself.