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Video: Watch The Trailer For ESPN’s New 30 For 30 ‘Believeland’

Hey did you guys hear the one about how Cleveland hasn’t won a championship since 1964 and the people that inhabit it are sad? Well, if you haven’t, ESPN’s 30 For 30 is here to save the day!


(click to play)

I think I have a pretty good grasp on how the readers of this site feel and I’m pretty sure you guys will love the first voice you hear.

ESPN also released a quick clip about the psyche of a Cleveland sports fan


(click to play)

I’ll be there to witness this in person when it opens at the Cleveland Film Festival. Maybe have to bring a few of those mini bottles of liquor so I don’t cry and puke all over myself throughout the film. Looks good though.

PS- One day we’ll figure out how to embed a video that isn’t YouTube or Vimeo on this site but sadly that day is not today.

Adam Schefter Is Mad And Taking It Out On The Browns On Live TV

Players treat the Browns organization like it’s a college experience. Four years and done.

  1. Adam and Co. fell for a fake report on Twitter and reported it as actual news yesterday
  2. Schefter has repeatedly been beaten to scoops this year of free agency. Ian Rapoport and Rand Getlin are running circles around him
  3. He’s pretty right though
  4. Look at all the players the Browns have drafted and not given a second contract to
  5. Johnny Manziel actually did treat his 2 years in Cleveland the same way he treated his 2 years as Texas A&M’s quarterbacks so Schefty might actually be onto something here

Kevin Love in ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue is why the fire emoji was invented


From ESPN.com:


I was really looking forward to the playoffs. This injury is one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with. It was really tough to go out the way that I did. I knew when it happened I probably wasn’t going to be able to return to play. But when I heard the news that I was going to have to get surgery, and be out for four to six months, it was a big, big blow to me.

Of course I was pissed. I was very emotional. And that was seen and heard, what I said [about Olynyk’s allegedly dirty play]. I wanted to make this deep run with these guys and be out there on the floor. That was very tough, from a human aspect

You don’t want to have any bad blood; the NBA is an elite fraternity. As time went on, I was upset, but I always knew that I was going to get to the point where I could talk to Kelly and say, “Hey, man. All good.” So we could move on. So I asked my agent to get me Kelly’s number. And that was it, just a text exchange: “Just want to let you know, no hard feelings. It’s all part of the game.” It was very genuine. He told me he appreciated it. I didn’t want him to worry about what anyone was saying these days. I expressed that I was initially very upset, which I thought was understandable. But I don’t think he is that type of player. We’re cool.


Oh, you couldn’t keep me out of the cupboards. Especially sixth through eighth grade, I was always very hungry. That’s when I was growing. And my mom was a great cook; I was very spoiled when I was young. Her fettuccine alfredo? Yeah, you eat that on a regular basis and you’re not gonna be in the Body Issue.


I’m not going to go any lower than my weight now. I know that I have to play inside; I have to contend with people who are bigger, faster, stronger than me. But I’m trying to add things to my game. I’m trying to be able to run faster and have fresh legs every day. I’m fit, and I’m focused.”


I think there’s more Q&A in the article but I can’t say for sure because I watched the video then I passed out.

Sweet Baby Ray’s on a toasted onion roll, he’s a specimen. He looks kind of gangly at times when he’s sporting a sweaty undershirt and baggy number 0 on the court but this little spread here leaves no doubt: I would not kick him out of bed for eating crackers. Ritz family size, have at it Kev. I’ll pop open each sleeve myself.

Click the link for the full article, video and other goodies from The Body issue. You can pick one up at newsstands starting July 10th, right after you call your taxi cab from a payphone.

And to Kevin….I’m so sorry.