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TBT: That Time LeBron & Kevin Durant Played Flag Football At The University Of Akron

You can watch the whole game on this YouTube channel

If you remember back in 2011 during the NBA lockout, LeBron and Kevin Durant were working out together in Akron and once played a flag football game at Akron’s indoor facility.

I remember watching this live on an Internet stream and thinking this was the coolest thing ever (even though it was in 2011 and that was peak hatred for LeBron for us in Cleveland). Seeing LeBron with that pick six just reaffirmed the thought that he would be an absolute beast in football.

There’s really no rhyme or reason to this post other than I went down a rabbit hole last night of trying to find LeBron James high school football clips. After reading this column by Ben Axelrod about the college football recruitment of LeBron, my interest was piqued and I ventured to YouTube to find some clips of him on the gridiron. The clips above and this clip were really the only ones I could find:

Why are these the only clips of LeBron playing football on the Internet? That seems like something that people in the media and bloggers (me, kinda) would go crazy for. There’s basically a highlight reel for every high school football player ever. Why not have one for the best basketball player on the planet who was an All Ohio wide receiver that was getting recruited by Ohio State, Alabama, Miami, or Notre Dame? This, to me, is one of the biggest travesties of the entire Internet.

If someone finds some footage of LeBron playing football, let me know.