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Browns reporter Mary Kay Cabot Almost Got Taken Out By A Rogue Football Yesterday

At the Browns v Bucs scrimmage Wednesday morning RG3 dropped back and slung a quick out to Marlon Moore (I think) in the boundary. The pass was a little off target but Marlon probably should have hauled it in.

and then


POV action

Yikes. If we’ve got NFL punters getting concussions from getting hit in the head with a ball then imagine the damage an RG3 fastball would have done to an unsuspecting person.

If that ball would have connected with MKC’s face I would have personally flown down to Tampa, raised hell, and stuck RG3’s ass on the practice squad as a strong safety. No one messes with my favorite Browns beat reporter. Sure she wrote a little too much about Johnny’s personal life and once called Jason Campbell elite, but she’s by far and away the best veteran beat reporter the Browns have and it’s not close.